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Alchemy of the Body and Soul – Crystal Healing

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Earth’s consciousness helps humanity to awaken to ancient, forgotten healing arts like stones for healing and protection. Because crystals are part of the mineralogical realm, they are universal energy that can be used to synthesize and contact these energies. This allows one to heal and integrate. Each crystal is unique and has its “personality”. This allows for a deeper understanding of Earth’s existence. Nature’s gift to us, crystals come in many forms, sizes, colors and types. Due to the unique vibratory resonance of each crystal, due to its mineral content and their intrinsic geometry, as well as their color frequency, they can all be very powerful healing tools.

A method for healing that uses crystals or gems to place stones or crystals around the body and chakras. These can then be worn or used as reflexology tools or to stimulate energy points. You can place the same colored crystals on the chakra that corresponds to your energy to increase flow. Or, you can just sit with crystals in one’s hands and look to the sixth chakra (6th) for energy messages or energy. They can heal the whole body on the physical, spiritual, and mental levels.

Crystals can interact with the vibrational energy of the human body, which is complex because crystals are nature’s best electromagnetic conductors. Resonance is the basis of crystals and has been shown to transmit vibrations which activate specific energy centers. This positively impacts our whole body. Many crystals have minerals which can be used to treat ailments. Piezoelectric crystals can create sound waves and electricity by compressing them. The crystals have long been used by crystal healers and Shamans to concentrate light and sound vibrations in a focused ray of energy for healing. You can use them to help you get to the source of your problem and realign subtle energy.

The history of humanity dates back to the dawn of civilization. Crystals are revered. Since thousands of year, crystals have been associated with certain parts of the body as well as its organs. This is a lot of connections that can be found in traditional Western Astrology and Eastern Astrology. Crystals have been used in traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Indian Ayurvedic records. Over 200 crystals were mentioned in the Christian Bible. Crystal structures can be found in Babylonia, the ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs and rulers’ graves. Quartz crystals have also been used in sacred ceremonies by many early civilizations such as Aztec, Mayan and Aztec.

The individual can heal himself or herself, but there are several catalytic tools such as crystals that can facilitate healing and aid in regaining wholeness. To choose the crystal you want to use, you should follow your instincts. Or you could refer to crystal healing indexes that will help you connect symptoms and relevant crystals. These potent, crystalline beings act as sacred tools that can support us in our individual journeys. The alchemical process of crystal healing combines our core vibration with crystal energy to generate divine clarity.