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Distant Healing Can Be A Very Effective Alternative Treatment

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It’s helpful to have some background information on human evolution and how the world works in order to understand why energy healing by distance is so effective. This article can be shortened if the physics of healing is not of your interest. Read this article.

Universal Life Cycle

Ende 2011, a team of scientists found that the universe is expanding at an increasing speed since the big bang. Not decreasing as previously thought. All of the universe’s life is subject to an ‘growing force’, as long the expansion continues at an increasing speed. When expansion stops, all life in this universe will reach maturity. There will be reproduction. After this point, the universe may begin to fall apart and collapse upon itself. Every living thing on earth experiences the same life cycle, including birth, growth and maturity, reproduction, decline, death, and then again. Every year, objects vibrate faster and are subjected more vibration. This is evident in our sun. Each year, it heats up and releases more energy. Everyone knows that the sun is essential for growth. Even us. The fossil record of the earth shows that life has been subjected for millions of generations to this growing force. We also see many growth cycles and metamorphosise over time.

The Growing Force

Scientists can’t yet classify this growing force. But it is likely to be equal to the vast invisible universe known as dark energie, which makes up seventy% of the universe. Only five percentage of the universe’s visible objects, such as stars, planets and stars down at atomic level, are visible. Twenty-five% of the universe is composed dark matter. Dark energy contains the expanding force of invisible light and is the source for all forms of conscious intelligence. It cannot be detected because it does not have any form. As pure energy, it cannot even be seen. It’s like the energy that our creator uses.

The interesting thing about physics: “Objects gain mass by moving in space” This is how all objects, including ourselves, are growing in mass. Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2, says that energy is equal mass x speed of light squared. As objects gain mass, energy and vibration speed up. As we move through time and live in bodies, you will already know that you cannot be destroyed.

Our Physical Reality

Physical life does not look like it appears. It is a fact that most objects we see and feel are composed mainly of space. Nova’s Fabric of the Cosmos Collection Greene stated that matter is mostly made of space. If you took out the Empire State Building and its mass, it would shrink down to the size of a very heavy grain of rice. The universe is ninetyfive percent invisible space. This is also true of us. This invisible space contains our souls and dark energy. They are intelligent, indestructible and infinite. This space is where we can access our creativity, insight, physical form, and allow for healing to occur. Our solid side is our visible, physical manifestation. But it is temporary. Death will eventually change it. Our energetic element is eternal and cannot go away. All elements and forces of this universe are in our bodies. We are part and parcel of the universe. Therefore, we are subject the same laws that affect objects. Spirituality is the intelligent consciousness, which is present in all things and is the centre of all the forces that govern physics. It is the unifying power between the quantum and the relativity worlds, which physicists have not been able to find. We are one and one with it. This force cannot simply be observed by observing physical forms. This force cannot be detected by looking at physical forms. It must be identified by being completely still and letting go all attachment to physical reality. Being completely still allows us to feel one with the force, and can therefore know it.