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Hardwood Flooring Installation Facts

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Installation of wood flooring is easy and convenient. It doesn’t need tools such as stretching tools or sizes of floors. Installation can be done with tools you are already familiar with, including drills, saws and hammers. If you want a floor with an improved finish, hire hardwood flooring chicago.

Hardwood floor Installation
It is an artwork to install hardwood flooring. You need to have the right knowledge and skills. You can install hardwood floors yourself with some tools and manuals, but hiring experienced contractors is the best option. You should choose professionals to ensure a flawless, accurate, and beautiful installation. Coordination with professionals can give you the best results. These are some tips on how to install hardwood flooring.

Use the Nail Down method
Installing and fixing solid wood strips is usually done by the contractors with a hammer. They vary depending on the size and thickening of the strips. Also available are adapters to fit thinner wood. It is best to use solid wood strips or planks in subfloors made of solid wood.

Staple Down Technique
Installing the hardwood flooring on the subfloor requires the use of staples between 1 and 2 inches. A gun with air in it is used to push the staples through the hardwood and the subflooring. The installation can be done with a wide variety of staplers. You can ask an experienced contractor to help you decide which kind of stapler you should use for your installation.

Use the Glue Down method
This technique uses adhesives to join your hardwood flooring to the subflooring. On the market, there are many different adhesives. Hired installers will only use adhesives recommended by the manufacturer for your floor. If you do not use the recommended adhesive, it can affect the finish of the flooring.

You can float
It is a completely different method. Most often, the fitters do not use mechanical fasteners to attach the hardwood flooring. Install a thin padding in between the wood flooring and subflooring. Apply the wooden glue recommended to the grooves and tongue of every piece.Installing floating floors is fast and straightforward. The floors are moisture-resistant and reduce noise transmission. These tiles are softer to walk on and also add aesthetic value.

Installing the System
You should move the furniture, as well as any other objects that are in the way of contractors’ work before they begin. You can ensure nothing will be damaged by doing so. Installation services can be hired at an extra cost. Saving money can be achieved by doing it yourself.Subfloors that already exist need to be cleaned and prepared in order for them to support hardwood. Flooring experts may need to change your subflooring. Talk to your installer about your specific situation. It is important that the subfloors are as level and clean as they can be. Asking important questions to your contractor and discussing issues will allow you to ask about the entire process.