Prostate Cancer Can be Reduced with Mushrooms

What are we able to learn about the humble mushroom, They have been enjoyed for thousands upon thousands of years. They contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, are high-quality proteins, and are low fat. They have been used as medicines for many years. Mushrooms have been around since the beginning of time. Visit soulcybin scam before reading this.

Recent research shows that certain mushrooms may be able to help your body build a stronger immune system to combat cancer. The mushrooms included are maitake, coriolus versicolor, shiitake, and Agaricus Murill. These are the types of mushrooms that your greengrocer can help you identify. It is the powerful compounds found within these mushrooms that aid in fighting cancer. The protein lectin prevents cancerous cell reproduction by mushrooms.

It’s fascinating that scientists have now studied mushrooms and found cancer-inhibiting properties. It’s remarkable because mushrooms have been used for healing and medicine for thousands. Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms are used in Eastern medicine for healing. You will be pleased to know that scientists today include these same mushrooms in their list of anticancer compounds.

The mushroom also helps to fight other types of cancer. The common white button mushrooms, which contain phytochemicals, are thought to help protect against both breast and prostate. This mushroom is also rich in selenium. Studies show that this compound helps lower the risk of developing prostate, stomach, colon and lung cancers. It is a tiny, but powerful plant in the fight against cancer.

Some of the statistics from scientific studies are very impressive. The study involved 2000 Chinese women who were asked to complete a survey and then had their records kept over time. Women who ate fresh, dried or mixed mushrooms more frequently were less likely have breast cancer than those who didn’t. The breast cancer risk for women who consumed 10 grams or more daily of mushrooms was 64% lower than for women who did not consume mushrooms. Even taking into account the percentage variance in surveys, this is an amazing figure.

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