Mini Storage Unit Auction – Strategies That They Don’t Want to Tell You About

Many people are now considering website mini storage auctions as a means to make extra money. It involves purchasing the entire contents of a Mini Storage unit and then selling the merchandise for a profit. It is important to have a plan when going to an auction.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the mini store auction is close enough that you can make a profit. Mini storage contents are going to be expensive to transport to your home due to high fuel prices. This must be considered before you ever go to auction. You could lose all your money if you have a high fuel bill.

Next is to make sure you get there on time. This will allow you to take advantage any views that may be available of the actual unit. If you arrive at the auction less than 10 min before it starts, you won’t have time to register or find a good spot to stand. It is essential to allow yourself enough time to explore the lot and the auction area before starting your mini storage-auction strategy. You can also ask questions.

It’s better to arrive with plenty of time so that you can ask questions. If you do not arrive on time, the auction will go ahead as planned. It’s possible to get answers to your questions by calling the auction coordinator. It’s important to find out the details of the accepted payment methods, how the actual auction works, as well as when the unit must be moved.

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